The world’s largest miniature airport now in ‘Miniatur Wunderland’ Germany

Miniatur Wunderland’s is no more than the largest model train attraction in the world and it has now added a brand new section to it’s already mind-boggling 7 other sections spreading over 12,000 sq ft. This time the addition concerns a fully animated airport and there’s no need to say that they’ve more than stood up to their reputation once again.

After 7 years of hard work and about $4.8 million to build, This model includes :

  • 40 plane models
  • 40,000 lights
  • 15,000 figurines
  • 500 cars
  • 10,000 trees
  • 50 trains
  • 1000 wagons
  • 100 signals
  • 200 switches
  • 300 buildings

Thousands of people are swarming the scene to catch of a glimpse of this masterpiece signed by twin brothers Gerrit Braun and Frederick Braun. For those of us not fortunate enough to see this for ourselves, I give you 2 videos capturing some of this creation’s mind blowing details.



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