Free Fully Vectorized Calligraphic Decorative Elements

Yet another freebie! I’ve designed some pretty useful Calligraphic Decorative Elements in Illustrator and they’re up for grabs.

The inspiration for these Vectorized Calligraphic Decorative Elements?

I really enjoyed working on the Subtle Grunge Typographic Poster tutorial published a few weeks back. I just kept the rhythm going in Illustrator, came up with the following elements, and since I’m such a nice guy I thought, why not give them away as a freebie for everyone to use and possibly implement in their own creations.

What’s in the pack?

below is screenshot preview of all the vector elements you’ll be receiving :

Free Vector Calligraphic Elements Preview

Don’t forget to share these designs if you like them and make sure you follow the “Terms and conditions” in order for all files distributed on this site.

You can download this release by clicking below:


See you guys on next week’s post.

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