Raygun 52 is a Collective Initiative to Create the Most Original Ray Guns Ever

Raygun 52 is a collective effort from designers around the world initiated by Alex Griendling in hopes of creating some of the coolest Ray Guns around.

How’s Raygun 52 post organized?

Fairly simple! The total project comprises 52 pieces (1 per week over a period of 52 weeks) and I have no intention of stealing their thunder. I urge you to go and check out all these pieces on the project’s official site. In the meantime you can scroll down and enjoy the modest 15 designs I personally chose to display here. I truly think more light deserves to be shed on this project.

The Ab Zapper 5000 by Lucas Richards

Raygun 52 - Ab Zapper 5000
Photo credit

Catalytic Particle Reflector by Tracy Harris

Raygun 52 - Catalytic Particle Reflector
Photo credit

The Fuel Rod by Alex Griendling

Raygun 52 - Fuel Rod
Photo credit

Gaijin Scrambler by Adam Brackney

Raygun 52 - Gaiijin Scrambler
Photo credit

Gemerald Blaster by Zac Neulieb

Raygun 52 - Gemerald Blaster
Photo credit

GLORBRAY by Joey Ellis

Raygun 52 - Glorbray
Photo credit

The Grinder by Matt Stevens

Raygun 52 - Grinder
Photo credit

Heat Ray 6000 by Simon C Page

Raygun 52 - Heat Ray 6000
Photo credit

The Jackpot by Dan Matutina

Raygun 52 - Jackpot Gun
Photo credit

Loose Cannon IX by Sophia Foster-Dimino

Raygun 52 - Loose Cannon
Photo credit

P-51 Mustang “Bombs Away” by Adam Turman

Raygun 52 - P51 Mustang
Photo credit

EA Mark27 “The Percolator” by Emory Allen

Raygun 52 - Percolator
Photo credit

The Plasma Cannon Mk. XIII by Justin Mezzell

Raygun 52 - Plasma Cannon
Photo credit

The Refraculator by Seth Nickerson

Raygun 52 - Refraculator
Photo credit

The Thunderbuss by Duncan Wilson

Raygun 52 - Thunderbuss
Photo credit

Go check out the others!

I hope you enjoyed my personal selection but again I urge you to go check out the others by clicking here. They all deserve to be seen.

See you guys next week.

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