Worthy Designers #4 : Vince Low

Continuing on the worthy designer series this week with an artist by the name of Vince Low.

Vince Low

Vince Low is an artist from Malaysia who struggled in his early years growing up as a young boy with dyslexia. He speaks of two primary turning points in his life which have led to becoming the man he is today. It’s no surprise to say that his schooling days were filled with very poor results, at least when it had to do with traditional type courses anyways. After having tried and failed several times, he gradually fell into mischievous activities and even entered a gang when he entered middle school. The first turning point which led him back on track was a piece of friendly advice given to him by a good friend of his. He then tried to get his grades back up but failed yet again. It’s at that point that he decided to pursue an art related course. the second major turning point of his life was when he actually found out he was dyslexic and then got massively involved in a lot of dyslexia campaigns. He believes that his work with all these campaigns will help countless children overcome their difficulties by focusing on other potentially hidden talents.

Here is a quote from the designer himself :

“Finally, I hope that parents who have kids with the dyslexic’s symptoms, will give their children a chance to discover their talent. And fellow dyslexics, if you’re still feeling lost, know that there’s something special within you, and all you need to do is to discover it, and believe in yourself. I sincerely hope to see the brilliance in each and everyone of you.”

Featured projects

Faces – Johnny Depp

Vince Low - Faces - Johnny Depp
Photo credit

Faces – Jack Nicholson

Vince Low - Faces - Jack Nicholson
Photo credit

Faces – Samuel Jackson

Vince Low - Faces - Samuel Jackson
Photo credit

Faces – Will Smith

Vince Low - Faces - Will Smith
Photo credit

Movie Legends – Charlie Chaplin

Vince Low - Movie Legend - Charlie Chaplin
Photo credit

Movie Legends – Clint Eastwood

Vince Low - Movie Legend - Clint Eastwood
Photo credit

Movie Legends – Heath Ledger

Vince Low - Movie Legend - Joker
Photo credit

Music Legends – Louis Armstrong

Vince Low - Music Legend - Louis Armstrong
Photo credit

Music Legends – Michael Jackson

Vince Low - Music Legend - Michael Jackson
Photo credit

Music Legends – Freddie Mercury

Vince Low - Music Legend - Freddie Mercury
Photo credit

Superhero – Superman

Vince Low - Super Hero - Superman
Photo credit

Superhero – Wolverine

Vince Low - Super Hero - Wolverine
Photo credit

Find out more!

Please go check out the remaining of his work by visiting his official website or his Behance Profile.

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