Allan Barte’s take on Hollywood Cliches

What happens when a cartoonist from France decides to share his view on some of the best hollywood film cliches? Well search no more and check out Allan Barte’s take on Hollywood Cliches.

A little info on the artist

Allan Barte is a writer and cartoonist born in 1978 of a Vietnamese father and mother from Brittany.

He first headed towards law studies which allowed him to obtain a Master in political communication. However he did not lose sight of his lifelong passion : creating comic strips. In 2005, he created his blog Life brownie that quickly grasped the attention of Lewis Trondheim. Lewis signed him up in his collection at Delcourt Shampoo. Two albums would result from their collaboration.

Subsequently, he worked in the Spirou magazine, then the echo of savannas. He also wrote several episodes of a cartoon adapted from the comic strip ( UFO & Nini Patalo ).

My favorites of Allan Barte’s take on Hollywood Cliches

Given as Allan Barte is a french artist, his works are, well, in FRENCH! No worries. You’ll find a nice and handy translation under each picture graciously offered by me, to you, the readers I cherish.

Allan Barte 1

After sex, the bed sheets always succeed in the feat of hiding the woman’s breasts while letting us enjoy the man’s abs.


Allan Barte 2

When single, the hero has in his kitchen the old remains of a Chinese takeaway.


Allan Barte 3

There are always some ventilation ducts that allow the hero to enter all parts of a building.


Allan Barte 4

When an alien civilization arrives on Earth, she chooses to establish first contact with…

  • The Togolese
  • The Brazilian
  • The Chinese
  • The French
  • The English
  • The Russians
  • The Americans


Allan Barte 5

The president of the United States is a former war hero, incredibly skilled in the art of battle.


Allan Barte 6

The hero and his conquest always take their time to kiss in the worst situations.


Allan Barte 7

Witness protection programs are terrible.


Allan Barte 8

Heroes never have trouble finding a parking space. They always find a spot right in front of the building they want to get into.


Allan Barte 9

police computers can, from an old partly burned video tape, clearly identify a license plate which is being reflected on the glasses of a man in the middle of a crowd.


Allan Barte 10

The car starts perfectly fine as long as you do not have a psychopath or a monster chasing you.


Allan Barte 11

Cops get an urgent call while on their lunch break. they throw their meal out the window.

Fortunately, it’s rarely three stars dining!


Allan Barte 12

Security laser beams of a museum or a bank are spaced just enough for a pretty gymnast to maneuver through them sensuously.


Allan Barte 13

The hero does not like tight spaces in elevators.


Allan Barte 14

Outnumbered, the mean guys wisely prefer to attack the hero one by one. True Gentlemen!


Allan Barte 15

When a villain shoots the hero…

  • he misses.
  • he slightly touches his shoulder.


Allan Barte 16

It’s always a decent gesture to push your soulmate away from you so that you can then chase him/her all around the airport.

So much for the ticket purchased for nothing!


Want More?

If you’d like to see some more then don’t hesitate to check the rest of his work by visiting his tumblr blog or his twitter page.

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