Heather Theurer and Her Take on Disney Characters

Time for some beautifully executed Disney characters done by Heather Theurer. These amazing paintings will leave you speechless.

About Heather Theurer

Heather Theurer is a painter and artist from the United States and more particularly Las Vegas, Nevada. She isn’t afraid to take on any challenge, such as being able to output such wonderful pieces of art while weaving through the hurtles of raising five children at the same time. She has been awarded from respected organizations such as the Art Renewal Center, Artist’s magazine and spectrum, and has obtained the attention of USA Today or the LA Times.

Heather’s paintings are the product of decades of observation of people, environments, animals and textiles. Although she was not able to obtain a formal education in art, all her studies of the natural world in addition to the works of great artists including the renaissance masters, the pre-raphaelites of the late 19th century and modern masters have influenced her work in a way she couldn’t imagine getting in a classroom.

Don’t hesitate to discover more on this artist by visiting her site’ about page.

The Beauty and the Beast

Heather Theurer Disney Characters - Beauty and the Beast


Heather Theurer Disney Characters - Cinderella

Lilo & Stitch

Heather Theurer Disney Characters - Lilo and Stitch


Heather Theurer Disney Characters - Merida


Heather Theurer Disney Characters - Mr Toad


Heather Theurer Disney Characters - Mulan


Heather Theurer Disney Characters - Rapunzel

Find out more info on the artist by visiting Heather Theurer’s official website.

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