Pencil Head Art Sculptures by Salavat Fidai

Salavat Fidai is a former lawyer who reinvented himself through the powerful medium of art. He is a painter, sculptor and photographer.

A little about Salavat Fidai

Salavat Fidai is a 43 year old Russian artist who creates jaw-dropping pencil head art sculptures. Both of his parents were artists, yet he chose a career in law. After loosing his job more than two years ago, he chose to pursue his dream and became a freelance artist. Even though he is most renowned for his miniature sculptures, he is also an amazing painter. His work has been reviewed in many magazines and websites from all over the world.

The process to complete his miniature sculptures involves a 4x magnifying glass, a craft knife and an incredible amount of patience and skill. Most of the time it takes up to 6 to 12 hours from beginning to end, however, on some more complicated models the process can take up to three days.

Below ars some quotes from the artist himself :

“The concept for my paintings or sculptures start to take form while I’m asleep. The next day I am looking for photos and video material, then I make sketches or layouts. When I work with oil on canvas, it’s more emotional and expressive. If I paint acrylic on seeds, it’s hard work and detail oriented. When I carve sculptures from pencils, it’s more meditative…”


“I use a craft knife and magnifying glass. In some cases even a microscope for the tiniest details.”


“How did I take up such an unusual hobby? I’ve been making works of art for a long time, always based on experiments. In the 2000s I was fond of photography. Last year I started doing miniature figures.”


“After being laid off from work, I started to paint. My parents are professional artists and art-school teachers – they taught me everything I know and handed me the baton, so to speak. I used to paint a lot during my school years. I made my first micro sculptures at school, carving them from chalk.”

I’ve gathered 15 of my favorite models from his website for you to enjoy. If you’d like to see more please make sure to head over to his official website, or if you’d like to buy some of his work then make sure to visit his profile on Etsy.

Salavat Fidai Yoda

Salavat Fidai Wall-e

Salavat Fidai The Voice

Salavat Fidai Spock

Salavat Fidai School Teacher

Salavat Fidai Rango

Salavat Fidai Lock and Key

Salavat Fidai Holding Hands

Salavat Fidai Heart

Salavat Fidai Hand Shake

Salavat Fidai Elephant

Salavat Fidai Double Heart

Salavat Fidai Darth Vader

Salavat Fidai Black Horse

Salavat Fidai Bart Simpson

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