I create all sorts of awesome websites

I cover a wide range of website designs which I’m sure will suit your needs. Some of these include landing pages, Portfolios, personal and/or professional blogs, promo satellites, corporate and even online shops. The sky’s the limit !

So, what type of Website do you want ?

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Promo Site

A promo site is a one stop destination that acts as the central focus point of your brand. Large flows of information, Images, portfolio of projects, news, events, available jobs at your company etc… all accessible in one place for both internal and external use.

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Portfolio Site

Perfect for the creative minds that can’t waste any time on the conception of their personal portfolio. I will do my best to design an intuitive and completely customized portfolio catering to the client’s visual identity which is easy to update.

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Online Store

I will create an online store that reflects your brand identity, with full access to analytic tools, adaptive layout for mobile devices and a high level of data security. I will then guide you through the best practices on utilizing your brand new online shop.

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Landing Page

These can be tailor suited for companies and entrepreneurs that already have their own website, online store, forum or blog and want to create special offers and drawings, prioritizing top products and/or services.

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Corporate Site

Thanks to corporate websites any Internet user can learn about your company. I can work with ready-made graphic and text content, but we can also create our own unique content, with the help of interviews, development of mock-ups and photo-content creation.

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Blog Design

Not only can I design your blog to suit your needs but I can also guide you on implementing the best plugins and tools at your disposal to make your personal or commercial project flourish.

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    I use and recommend WordPress

    WordPress is the most popular web site building platform and here are the main benefits that come with using WordPress as your site’s content management system.

    Tons of Templates

    Add-ons & Plug-ins

    Control Panel

    Open Source License



    Still not convinced ? All right, then let's keep going

    Development steps for your project

    Depending on the complexity of your website, our work may include the following steps :

    1. Filling the brief

    The goal is to create a website that acts as the central focus point of your brand. Large flows of information all accessible in one place for both internal and external use. Here we work towards defining exactly what your website to do and not to do.

    2. Choosing the template

    We will select the best template according to your needs. This is a crucial step as the decision will surely determine the future outcome of your website’s goals and objectives.

    3. Mock-up development

    I will then develop a sketch of the project. We will discuss on all the elements of the pages and the overall layout. All necessary corrections can be made at this stage.

    4. Design (1st stage)

    I will design all of the main pages, trying my best to maintain a coherent overall design. Then we will discuss the visualization and style of all the elements with the client.

    5. Design (2nd stage)

    At this point we will fill out all the pages using textual and visual elements and implement the final corrections to the layout.

    6. WordPress settings

    I will build the website’s structure, set all required plugins, including several languages if you want your website to be multilingual and other services such as analytic tools.

    7. Filling the website

    I will then proceed by filling your database with all the media content required. I’ll set all the internal linking as well as the last configuration settings to bring your website to life once present on the hosting platform of your choice.

    8. SEO

    This includes filling the Meta data and setting the files for search engine robots through the use of natural and non-aggressive Search Engine Optimization techniques.

    Here are some examples of my work

    Below you'll find some convenient predefined packages

    These are some of the most common products I am asked to create by various clients. For any other prices regarding all other creations, please do not hesitate to contact me for any free quotes.

    450 €per job
    • Perfect for executives of small and medium businesses who want to communicate online effectively. This rate includes the following services :
    • Design brief
    • Choice of the best fitting theme
    • Unlimited modification steps
    • Choice and integration of required plugins
    • Transfer on hosting platform and SEO
    550 €per job
    • All items found in Basic package, along with the following services :
    • The creation of your logo, around which I will create the entire graphical and visual layout of your website.
    X €per job
    • To be defined according to your needs

    * Packages for the following categories of sites : Showcase Site, Portfolio Site, Online Store, Corporate Sites and Blog Design. These packages include the services described in the information boxes above. I try to offer a maximum of solutions without increasing these flat rates, however, any supplementary high workload demands can be subject to a modification of the final package price.

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